Starmark Trading Services Limited is part of the Starmark Group ( dedicated to enabling financial traders access to global markets at competitive rates, with the best technology available. We are passionate about what we do. Our vision is to provide Independent Financial Traders the freedom, flexibility and functionality to trade with confidence across all asset classes on cash and futures exchanges worldwide.

Independent Financial Traders who join Starmark benefit from our outstanding world class solutions offering:


ED&F Man Capital Markets act as our clearer on all international exchanges.

Speed and reliability

We’re consistently ranked in the top 10 companies for execution speed and connectivity across all the major exchanges.

Remote working

Traders can gain access to trade anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Overnight positions

Unlike most proprietary trading companies, Starmark’s Independent Financial Traders can take overnight positions.

Innovative software

We provide intuitive flexible software options which can be tailored to traders exact needs.

A personalised service

Traders value the intimate personal relationship we can provide, with constant access to key decision makers.


To find out more about the services Starmark can offer Independent Financial Traders please contact Eldon Kerr on 0207 4484880 or